How to Be Ineffective

I’m going to let you in on a little life secret: there are almost always two ways to go about doing anything. One is an effective way to achieve something, and the other is an ineffective way to achieve something. For example, I have spent a good portion of my life battling my weight. For … [Read more…]

How We Fight

A chance swing by a friend’s Facebook wall today brought me this wonderful piece of wisdom: “I’ve lost a hell of a lot of people over the last ten years or so. Turns out I miss almost none of them. Most I’m very glad about. “I’m saying this just in case any of you is … [Read more…]

Why We Fight

Being a warrior for our principles is not always an easy path – it’s easy to get disheartened, to lose our way, getting caught up in details and forgetting what it is we’re doing and, more importantly – WHY. Talking with a friend last night, this piece came to mind. Easily the best work I … [Read more…]

Trump and the Golden Circle

A friend of mine called me this past Tuesday morning, the morning of the Idaho primaries, where he lives. He and I have spent many hours discussing politics and the state of the country and the best way to save it, and so he called to get my thoughts on the presidential field and the … [Read more…]


Today is my birthday. Birthdays for an adopted kid are sometimes a strange affair. My birthdays have always been happy (except for my 30th, which I spent in tears because I was convinced that I should have been a mother by then, and my deepest, deepest apologies to my ex-husband for spending that very special … [Read more…]